Believe. Act. Impact. Our Sustainability Mission.

We believe in operating safely, ethically, and in the most sustainable manner possible, while partnering with our customers and suppliers in their own pursuit of sustainability. We act with a safety mindset and a commitment to quality to be the most reputable partner in our industry. Our impact is showcased in the innovative work we do, our customers' satisfaction, and the difference we make in the communities we serve.

By prioritizing safety, protecting our environment, supporting our people, and acting with integrity, we are working in a way that enables us to make our mission a reality.

Our four ESG pillars are:

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Safety is embedded in all we do. We act safely in our operations because our team members, communities, and customers matter to us. We are committed to everyone returning home safely, every day, while providing safe and reliable energy to our nation.

Starting on Day One
Safety is all about our people, and it starts on day one of employment and continues every day on the job. We hold daily JSAs, provide weekly Toolbox Talks, and host fleet monitoring events and corrective actions programs to keep current safety trends and hazards at the forefront for our employees. Our "See Something, Say Something" program empowers all employees to be accountable for safety and helps prevent incidents, such as utility strikes.

Staying Safe on the Road
Given our fleet size, vehicle safety is important for our employees, customers, and communities.

Our Preventable Motor Vehicle Accident (PMVI) is lower than the industry standard, which means our employees return home the same way they arrive each day. We continue to invest in dash cams and a telematics program to help our team members develop safe driving habits that can prevent or reduce automotive accidents.

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We strongly believe in the stewardship of our natural environment, and that it is our responsibility to protect and preserve it for generations to come. This is why we provide solutions that accelerate the reduction of methane and carbon emissions while enabling more sustainable processes for delivering essential utilities to our communities.

Driving Emissions Reduction
Using continuous improvement, we aim to reduce our emissions and environmental impact every year, while we help our customers meet their sustainability goals. We have several initiatives underway to minimize the impact of our vehicles, including lowering our vehicle idle times, optimizing driving routes, and exploring alternative fuel sources. We also plow snow for developments and use pet-friendly salt to keep roads safe.

Investing in Innovation & New Opportunities
We use the latest techniques and methods to minimize the environmental impact of our comprehensive, turn-key solutions for utility, pipeline, civil, engineering, and telecommunications industries. Partnering with our sister companies, Hydro-X and Versiv Solutions, we offer innovative solutions to customers on our projects.

Supporting Material Reuse & Recycling
We are committed to recycling and reducing waste at our locations and in the field. On our projects, we create less waste because we use more efficient processes, and we recycle or reuse material from projects when possible. We have developed a stormwater pollution prevention plan, and we collect our waste oil and reuse it to heat our shops.

Our team members actively participate in recycling, too. We collect recyclable cardboard, aluminum, paper, and plastic and participate in the Camp Good Days electronic recycling program.

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People are what matter most to DDS Companies. This is why we empower our team members, suppliers, customers, and communities to play leadership roles in advancing a more inclusive, respectful, and prosperous world.

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion
We believe in the dignity of all human beings and that diversity — be it race, ethnicity, religion, orientation, gender, age, background, experience, or any other quality that makes each of us unique — adds depth and value to our team. We believe in an environment where every team member is included, respected, and safe to share their thoughts and opinions. Discrimination and injustice have no place in our culture, our offices, or our job sites.

Empowering Our People
Our people are the foundation of who we are, and we are only as good as the strength and talent of our team. We actively participate in hiring fairs to attract new talent to our team and then work diligently to retain the top talent we have. We invest in opportunities for our team members through competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits, and training and development opportunities.

Giving Back to Our Communities
Our team members give back to the communities where we live, work, and play and are proud supporters of numerous community outreach organizations, including the Wings for Warriors Foundation.

Encouraging Supplier Diversity
Our commitment to diversity extends beyond our own operations. We are cultivating relationships with partners through our Supplier Diversity Program, which helps increase minority-owned business participation in the industry.


Integrity is at the core of our company, starting with conducting business ethically and with unwavering honesty. We do what's right, even when no one is watching.

Centering Ethics & Compliance
Acting with integrity on all jobs is a founding principle at DDS companies. Our teams approach every job with an honest, transparent, and hardworking attitude, so we meet our customers’ goals with quality results through extraordinary service, regardless of job size or amount of oversight. Through our updated Code of Conduct and Business Ethics program, we make certain our employees and anyone we work with understand and adhere to the same uncompromising commitment to ethics and compliance.

Protecting Data Security & Privacy
We recognize the importance of maintaining high standards when it comes to protecting our digital assets and our customers’ data. Our cybersecurity program is threat intelligence-driven, and our security team continuously monitors the threat landscape to understand new and emerging vulnerabilities, cyber threats, and threat actors to ensure our cyber controls and safeguards remain effective.

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